Adventures in the Teardrop Bay.
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 Tales of a Spinning Hammer

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PostSubject: Tales of a Spinning Hammer   Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:31 pm

Ironsyde stepped out into the bright daylight of the mid-morning holding one hand up to block out the headache inducing light with one hand while another rested on his round stomach. Even with his dwarven fortitude, something about the food and drink from last night didn't settle well with him and he burped, quite loudly with a groan, leaving a bad taste in his mouth..

As he stumbled up the road to continue the search he began yesterday, a tall dragonborn bumped into him and kept walking. Ironsyde look up at his face and shouted, "Hey! Watch where yer goin ya damn fool!" The dragonborn simply scoffed, smirked over his shoulder, and continued walking as if nothing had happened. Ironsyde could feel the well of anger boiling inside himself at the lack of respect and he ran up behind his scaly foe and turned him around suddenly, "I said watch where yer goin ya reptilian meatbag!"

The young dragonborn spun around, a fireball from his mouth aimed at the dwarf, surrounding the staunch fighter with intense flame. When the smoke cleared Ironsyde uncurled himself from his armor plating and launched himself and his hammers at the enemy, "The yeh can set me on fire and git away with it? Not on this morning sonny!"

Ironsyde hit anywhere he could, his hammers moving with such intensity that people could hear the connecting blows from many blocks away. Ever since he was a young lad, his anger had always been easy to surface and quick to be released on those he didn't care for. He often relied on his rage as a source of fuel for his exploits and ran into many a fight without thinking things ahead.

As the hammers battered the dragonborn's armor, a small scroll fell out of the dwarf's satchel and unfurled itself at his foot. He looked from the scroll to the dragonborn and back again a few times before chuckling wildly and putting his hammers in his belt and dragging his stunned and bloodied prize across the street to the local guild hall from which he had received the bounty notice.

"Here he is," Ironsyde announced as he entered the building, "I've been able to track down and capture this here dragonborn hunter yeh were lookin fer!" The young man working the desk chuckled and smiled brightly as he checked the wanted board against the face of the brute unconscious at his feet, "How are we supposed to make a positive ID when they always come in with swollen faces!"

Ironsyde chuckled in response as he signed the paper and took the reward that went along with his efforts, "Bah! It's not my fault they always fight back...and lose!" The young man smiled and nodded as two guards took the dangerous criminal away to be disarmed and locked up, "When are you going to consider joining us? You are the toughest fighter I know!"

He shook his head, "Trust me lad, I've been considering it! Times are tougher than they used ta be...what's the pay like? Is there a discount on that wonderful brew yeh always have in stock fer me?" Ironsyde walked in with the young man to start a new course in his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Tales of a Spinning Hammer   Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:52 pm

A hot head! Nice. Smile


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
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Tales of a Spinning Hammer
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